Social Media Marketing

In the just recent past search engine optimization (SEO) was all that internet businesses were dependent on so as to attract more customer traffic. There has always been consideration for social media in SEO strategy but it is only recently that social media optimization (SMO) started being considered in the same or in even a greater breath than SEO.

A strong interlink exists between SEO and SMO if we put into perspective the search engine algorithms requirements that need our websites to become alive with active linking. Well, one way of achieving this activity is if the search engines notice an active interaction between the social networks and our websites.

At ReputationHead we work to see whether your website is optimized for social networking sites, review sites, blogs and forums, among other social media resources. The content posted in these resources such as comments, wall posts, images, videos and blog posts, all these better known as social objects, are the sources of information related to our websites.

Our approach to social media optimization with respect to social objects is one which works to bring positive feedbacks to your website, knowing only too well how social media can and has been misused to shed negative light on a good number of organizations. We also see SMO as a means to boost the visibility of a website’s related social objects in order to connect parties looking for products and information that corresponds to what our organization deals with.

The strategies that ReputationHead employs to achieve effective social media optimization include: